Civil architecture Fefiñáns Square

Plaza de Fefiñáns


This urban complex from the 17th century is the parish church of San Benito, with a presbytery from the 16th century, covered by a star-shaped vault. The nave and the exterior were built in the second half of the 18th century. Originally, if was the foundation of San Lorenzo.

In this church we can find the coats of arms of Sarmiento, Valladares, Ozores and Sotomayor. Along the transept there are shield of Fefiñanes and Figueroa.

Next to the church is the pazo of Figueroa, built in the 17th century by the Russian ambassador Mr. Gonzalo Valladares. Other pazos of Cambados are the Ulloa, Bazán (now turned into a national luxury hotel) and Montesacro.

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DID YOU KNOW… that Fefiñáns Square is composed by the Pazo of Fefiñáns, the Saint Benito Church, the arched bridge and the watchtower, the Keep?

This architectural complex was declared artistic and historical heritage in 2012.

Originally, it was an open square, with sea views and four arched bridges which surrounded a manor in the shape of an “L”.

In former days it was known as the market square, as the market used to take place here periodically. The Pazo of Fefiñáns, of italian reinassance influence, was built between the 16th and the 18th centuries. Its construction was started by Juan Sarmiento, Lord of Fefiñáns and concluded by his nephew Mr. Gonzalo of Valladares, 1st Viscount of Fefiñáns. Finally, it was granted by marriage to the earls of Figueroa, who still preserve it.

The palace stands out for its crenellated tower and its beautiful circular balconies, which remind to majestic glasses of Albariño wine.

Two wineries can be found on the ground floor of the pazo: Joaquín Gil Armada and Palacio de Fefiñáns.

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