Civil architecture Pazo de Montesacro and Valvanera Chapel

Pazo Montesacro - Cambados
Pazo Montesacro - Cambados
Pazo Montesacro - Cambados


The Barroque style Pazo de Montesacro was built in the district of Saint Thomas during the 18th century by the order of Mr. Diego de Zaratte y Murga, who was the 1st Marquis of Montesacro.

In 1937, Mrs. Juana María Grison, the 8th Marquis of Montesacro’s widow, decides to grant the manor to the Sisters of Mercy in order to expand the asylum that was located in the Pazo de Torrado at that moment.

The manor was refurbished and finally became a nursing home and, so it remains.

In its façade we can observe the family Zárate and Murga’s great armorial bearing with the cross of Saint James of Compostela, the Marquis’ crown and a knight’s arm with a sword.

The Valvanera chapel appears as an annex to the manor. This chapel was also built in the 18th century and the Virgin of Valvanera is worshipped here. The image represents the virgin seated on a Baroque altar.

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