Religious architecture Chapel of A Lanzada

Capilla de A Lanzada


From the middle Ages we can highlight this little chapel proper of the Romanesque, with apse and corbel under the side wing. Next to the chapel there are remains of a fortress from the 10th century. According to Bango Torviso, two popes of the 12th century confirmed to this church its relation to the Santiago de Compostela order.

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DID YOU KNOW… that the Romanesque style A Lanzada Chapel is from the 13th century?

It is divided into nave and semicircular apse in different heights. Inside, the image of Saint Mary, our Lady of A Lanzada, is kept. 
In the isthmus we can find the remains of a 10th century fortress which is supposed to have belonged to the Order of Compostela.

A Lanzada Beach has more than 3 kilometers of sand in the shape of a shell and it is a magical place bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

The waters in this beach have magical and fertility virtues
One night per year a fertility ritual is undertaken here.

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